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Consider these two things when selecting carpet

The floor is most likely one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investments in your house. Designers also say, "Design from the floor up," meaning that it can set the room's tone. Now that you’re considering carpet floors, it will make it a little easier by knowing something about construction. Here, Creative Carpet Discount Sales, your carpet flooring retailer in Lexington, NC, tells you about the two elements that affect a rug's appearance and performance.

Fiber: an all-important choice

There are both natural and synthetic fibers, and the choice will ultimately come down to your own needs, priorities, and style. Natural fibers are harvested from nature and then manufactured into fibers. The most common natural fiber is wool; it is very plush, fluffy, and white with natural oils and little scales that keep from attracting and embedding dirt. It is somewhat absorbent, so it’s like anything else; wipe spills immediately, so stains don't set.

Synthetics are man-made and tend to be more stain-resistant. It’s also possible to get a synthetic with a construction that makes it soft and cushiony. Nylon is the most well-known for strength. It is stain resistant, whether or not the protectant is applied or selecting the Solution Dyed version; here, the dye gets "baked in” during the manufacturing process, which means there are no open dye lots to which stain cells can attach.
Other synthetics include polyester, a non-absorbent (hydrophobic) material with excellent inherent resistance to stains. Olefin is budget-friendly, non-absorbent, and often used in the Berber style. Triexta has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber and is as strong (some say stronger) than nylon.

Pile, style, and texture

These three things are together because in carpet flooring pile determines style, and style determines texture. There's a cut pile, which means the fibers are cropped in varying lengths. The iconic Saxony is a cut pile with versions: Saxony Plush, a soft, velvety texture, and Saxony Straight, a patterned one. Cut and loop are just as it sounds; some are cut; others are straight loop, creating an embedded pattern and texture. A straight loop is a Berber style, a low pile rug with short, tightly woven fibers. High pile rugs have long loose fibers like the shag and frieze.

For over 40 years, Creative Carpet Discount Sales has provided excellent flooring, one step at a time. Our experts will help you select the best carpet for your style, needs, and budget. Stop by and see us if your in the areas of Lexington, NC, Welcome, NC, Thomasville, NC, Advance, NC, || East Spencer, NC. Our showroom is in Lexington, NC, and we offer free measurements for your carpet flooring.